Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Will Be Biggest Movie Than Ever Says, Emily Blunt

Edge Of Tomorrow 2

Edge Of Tomorrow 2 – For years, people have been speculating about the sequel. Edge of Tomorrow was the surprise action blockbuster of 2014, despite many doubting its idea. It was without a doubt one of my favorite films of the year, as well as one of my favorite action pictures with one of the finest action characters I’ve ever seen (Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski, aka Angel of Verdun). Another film has piqued the interest of fans! Emily Blunt just clarified the status of Edge of Tomorrow 2, and it doesn’t appear like a sequel is in the works.


On May 11th, Blunt went on Howard Stern’s show and informed the host that filming Edge of Tomorrow 2 is too pricey for Warner Bros. right now.


“To be honest, I believe the film is definitely expensive. Yes, I’m not sure how we’re going to accomplish it. I believe it is difficult to coordinate everyone’s schedules. It would be fantastic. Doug Liman would be ecstatic. Tom would be ecstatic. It’s something we’d all like to do. But, until we find out what’s going on in the industry, I believe we need to find out what the next road map is for the kind of films people want to make?”

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But one thing is sure the war is not going to end unless it will be in a loop, once the aliens take over the world there will be an endless loop of death. hope the movie will soon get the announcement and production




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