Eiza González Set To Star In David Benioff & D.B. Weiss ‘The Three-Body Problem’

Eiza González Set To Star

The estate of the famous Mexican cinema diva Maria Felix has joined with Baby Driver and I Care a Lot actress Eiza González, Oscar-nominated/Emmy-winning filmmaker Matthew Heineman, and Linden Entertainment to bring her tale to life. To adapt Felix’s life for the movie, the crew is seeking a Latin American writer.

Eiza González Set To Star

González will play Felix and will also produce the film for Linden Entertainment alongside Dana Harris and Nicole King. On behalf of Felix’s estate, Walter Rivera will executive produce the film.

Felix was one of Mexico’s most famous performers, and this is the first time her estate will be involved in the telling of her tale. The actress starred in 47 films in Mexico, France, Italy, and Argentina, and was dubbed “La Doa” in Mexico. Felix’s journey takes her from the rugged northern hamlet of Sonoa to meeting Mexico’s president, Diego Rivera, and artist Frida Kahlo, as well as receiving France’s highest cultural honor, the Legion d’honneur. Felix’s narrative is about love and grief, as well as Mexican culture and religion, acceptance, feminism, and celebrity. It’s the story of a young girl from Alamos who grows up to become Mexico’s most famous muse.

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Baby Driver, Hobbs & Shaw, Netflix’s Golden Globe-winning I Care a Lot, Godzilla vs. Kong, Michael Bay’s forthcoming Ambulance, and the TV series From Dusk till Dawn are among González’s feature credits.

Eiza González Set To Star

Heineman was nominated for an Academy Award for his documentary Cartel Land. In 2018, he won a Primetime Emmy for Documentary Filmmaking for his film City of Ghosts, and his 2018 film A Private War was nominated for two Golden Globes.

Eiza González Set To Star

Linden Entertainment, WME, and Jackoway Austen Tyerman represent González. CAA, Cinetic Media, and Sloss Eckhouse Dasti Haynes represent Heineman.


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