Elizabeth Tulloch Confirmed Superman And Lois Season 2 Started Filming

Superman And Lois Season 2 Started Filming

Elizabeth Tulloch shared that the 2nd season filming of Superman And Lois started today in Vancouver, Canada. In her recent post on social media platforms, Tulloch revealed the news to fans.

Superman and Lois have previously introduced us to a number of Kryptonians with whom Superman may engage in super-powered brawls and trade heat vision blasts. It’s natural to want to give Supes someone to smack, but the first season managed to do so while also creating a complex, even sad, tale for its major villain. But it only means that following up on Tal-Rho with someone similarly captivating will be a little more difficult.

The main cast of “Superman & Lois,” includes Tyler Hoechlin as Clark/Superman, Tulloch as Lane, and Jordan Elsass and Alex Garfin as their boys Jonathan and Jordan are very guaranteed to return for Season 2.

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