Emma Corrin Covers The August Issue for Vogue

Emma Corrin Covers The August Issue for Vogue

Emma Corrin covered the august issue for Vogue, Corrin was photographed by Jamie Hawkesworth. see the images below.

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“I feel much more seen when I’m referred to as ‘they,’ but my closest friends, they will call me ‘she,’ and I don’t mind, because I know they know me,” explains Corrin as some of these friends drift in and out of the room; they’re both former classmates from St. John’s College, Cambridge, where Corrin studied education and drama, and are currently visiting on a break from their studies at Yale. Corrin’s dog Spencer—no relation to the People’s Princess—sniffs my shoes with mild interest before settling down for a nap as we discuss the boxing class that one of Corrin’s flatmates is headed to, which naturally leads me to recommend Outbox, a trans-owned boxing gym in Brooklyn. (So often, when queer people of similar ages and demographic backgrounds meet, this is how we operate; we trade names of restaurants and gyms and hotels and gay bars, a sort of impromptu, word-of-mouth LGBTQ+ Yelp.)

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Emma Corrin is known for portraying Diana, Princess of Wales in the fourth season of the Netflix period drama series The Crown in 2020.

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