‘Enola Holmes 2’ is in development at Netflix

‘Enola Holmes 2’ is in development

‘Enola Holmes 2’ is in development at Netflix. Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill will return

‘Enola Holmes 2’ is in development, from Netflix and Legendary, is getting a sequel, with Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill reprising their roles as Enola and Sherlock Holmes, respectively. The sequel will be directed by Harry Bradbeer, with the script written by Jack Thorne, who also wrote the first.

‘Enola Holmes 2’ is in development

“I’m so excited to work with my Enola Holmes family once more!” Brown said, “Enola has a special place in my heart because she is strong, fearless, intellectual, and brave.” “I’m excited to see how her story unfolds for her fans!” Mary Parent, Alex Garcia, and Ali Mendes of Legendary will produce alongside Brown and Paige Brown of PCMA Productions. Joshua Grode, Michael Dreyer, Bradbeer, and Thorne of Legendary will executive produce.

‘Enola Holmes 2’ is in development

The Enola Holmes Mysteries, a six-book series by Nancy Springer that has been nominated for an Edgar Award, is the inspiration for the film. In 2007 and 2010, the first and fifth books in the series received Edgar Award nominations, respectively. The world’s greatest detective and his clever family are given a dynamic feminine twist in this film. The films are based on the famed Edgar-nominated book series about Sherlock Holmes’ rebellious teen sister Enola, a talented super-sleuth who often outsmarts her famous siblings.

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Netflix officially confirmed in twitter

After the pandemic, streamers began picking projects to carry on their networks, and Enola Holmes was one of the first big hits, with Netflix securing worldwide rights, minus China, in the spring. In the first 28 days after its September debut, Enola Holmes was chosen by an estimated 76 million households, signaling that a sequel was a foregone conclusion. According to sources close to the project, construction could begin by the end of the year, although this is yet to be verified.


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