Escape Room: Tournament of Champions New Horrifying Clip Dropped

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

You must launch your disbelief into space in order to see the Escape Room movies. That is definitely true with Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, which is arguably more ridiculous, stupid, and nonsensical than the original. It’s also just as much fun if you’re willing to accept the implausibility of everything that happens over the course of the film’s eighty-eight minutes. Check out the new clip below

This sequel picks off just where the first left off. Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller) travel to New York City in order to learn the truth about Minos, the mysterious organization that forced them to participate in a series of dangerous escape rooms. Soon after they arrive, it’s apparent that Minos has been anticipating their arrival. An apparently routine subway journey turns out to be the first booby-trapped location from which they must escape.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions


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