Eternals Review: Marvel Fails To Give An Alternative Avengers Film

Eternals Review: Marvel Fails

Eternals Review: Marvel Studios tried to give an alternative Avengers film to Phase 4. Well, that was a stupid idea they ever made.

Every time Marvel hires a well-known director, it fails miserably. That’s why Branagh exited, Edgar Wright never got along, and Iron Man 3 is the worst Marvel film ever made. The CGI of the film is Backbone to the film. There is Love, Sacrifice, Mind Games, betrayal everything included in the film. Marvel must understand a director’s fame will never work sometimes. Chloé Zhao must exit from the Eternals 2.

Eternals Review: Marvel Fails

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Eternals stars Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan, Don Lee, Gil Birmingham, Harish Patel, and Kit Harington.

Iol said that The film does have some storytelling issues since we are bombarded with a lot of information. And it does sometimes struggle to find the right rhythm when it comes to shifting from more emotionally driven scenes to lighter ones.

The Eternals open with one of the Star Wars text scrolls that explains a short history of celestials and Eternals. The movie goes back and forth between past and presents showing us all things the Eternals participated in history, including helping them advance their technology to the point humans made the bomb that hit Hiroshima and the conquistador’s conquest through America. As well as all the times they protected the world from the alien monster called the Deviants up until the 1500s when they thought they had killed the last of them.

Thena is the one that sparks them all to split by attacking the group but she doesn’t kill anyone. Ajak the leader wants to erase her memories to prevent more attacks but Gilgamesh steps up and says he’ll take her and keep everyone safe. Druig goes into a deep monologue about how he doesn’t like standing on the sidelines while humans kill each other, so he takes some of the nearby fighting humans and leaves. Gilgamesh and Thena go off and live in Australia together. Sprite and Sersi become companions at some point when Ikaris leaves Sersi. Sersi starts dating Dane Whitman and teaching at a primary school. Kingo travels the world and eventually becomes a popular Bollywood actor, even going as far as pretending to be his own descendants within a fake family so he can keep acting. Druig starts a colony in the Amazon. Phastos goes and lives his life by having a family, he has a husband and a son. Makkari has been living in their ship for centuries.

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After the deviants start attacking again Sersi, Ikaris, and sprite go and try to find their leader Ajak who they find dead, attacked by a deviant who now has her powers of healing and later becomes Kro. Ajak has an orb in her chest that allowed her to talk to the celestial who made them, when Sersi finds the body the orb goes into her allowing her to speak to the celestial that made them. The team then goes and collects Kingo while he’s making a film. They use his private jet to travel most of the movie, his valet also tags along to record a “documentary”. They then go to Australia to collect Gilgamesh and Thena. While there Sersi talks to the celestial again using the orb. They then find out that the celestial sent the Eternals to protect a seed that was planted inside the earth. The seed grows into another celestial so long as the population grows. The celestial made deviants to kill predators on planets so that the intelligent population would thrive. But instead, they evolved and started hunting down everything. So the celestial made the Eternals kill the deviants so the population may grow. Once the seed is done growing the emergence begins destroying the world creating a new celestial after the complete destruction of said planet. The Eternals minds are then erased and they are sent onto a new planet to destroy. Thena’s memories weren’t completely erased so that’s why she’s going crazy.

After learning this info they go and try to convince Druig to help put the celestial to sleep. There is a fight scene with the deviants, Kro eats Gilgamesh then becomes more humanoid. After some convincing Druig says he can’t do it alone so he needs a machine built by phastos to even think about potentially doing that. So they all go collect Phastos, Phastos isn’t convinced by the other Eternals his husband is the one that convinced him to help. They all go back to the main ship in the desert where Makkari is residing, they tell her what’s going on. Phastos’s big idea is to connect them all in a Unimind state allowing Druig to control the celestial. Ikaris finally breaks after people start taking sides, calling for him to help make a decision for the team. It flashes back and shows that he was the one that fed Ajak to Kro and the other deviants allowing them to evolve further. He’s also known for a long time their true purpose, but when he found out Ajak didn’t want to destroy planets anymore he killed her. Ajak had decided to intervene with the emergence after she watched the avengers bring back everyone from Thanos’s snap. The avengers bringing half the population back also sped up the emergence according to Ajak. The group then gets into a fight leading to Ikaris and sprite leaving together. Kingo leaves too because he agrees with Ikaris but doesn’t want to fight his friends. Thena convinces sersi that what she’s doing is right and that they need to save the planet.

After Sersi is convinced to continue their mission to save the earth, Phastos takes the sphere that allows sersi to talk to the celestials to create bracelets to connect the Eternals. They then fly in their ship to the source of the emergence. Once they arrive they connect to Druig in an attempt to control the celestial. Ikaris starts fighting the group, injuring Druig so he’s unable to complete his connection to the celestial. They then decide that it’s best for Sersi to use her powers to connect to the celestial to kill it. While the others in the group distract Ikaris, Kro comes in and starts a fight with Thena. Thena kills Kro and in doing so regains control of her memories. Phastos and Makkari are actually really good at holding their own against Ikaris, at one point Phastos has Ikaris trapped and unable to use any of his powers using some kind of power dampening device he made at the moment. Sersi attempts to connect the celestial but the sprite comes up and literally stabs her in the back with a knife. Druig then comes out of nowhere and knocks out sprite with a rock. Sersi connects to the celestial and starts turning it into stone. Ikaris breaks free and tries to stop her, but realizes he can’t because he loves her. Sersi then reconnects to the celestial but this time with the help of the other Eternals completely changing it into stone. Ikaris starts crying because he can’t decide whether or not to continue fighting them or join them, after this is done Ikaris flies off straight into the sun. Sersi uses what little power she has left from connecting to the celestial to make sprite a human. It doesn’t state whether or not she kept her powers though. Druig, Thena, and Makkari go off in their ship to find more eternals.

The Eternals ends with Dane confessing his love for Sersi no matter what she is. As well as Kingo shows up for a brief scene of him and sersi sending sprite off to school. The celestial that creates them then teleports just outside Earth’s orbit, but visual to everyone on earth. He then grabs all the Eternals and states that he knows that they killed the celestial. He states he will spare the humans for now and use the eternal’s memories as the final judgment when he comes back. The first post-credit scene is Harry styles as Star fox who teleports onto the eternal’s ship with his friend Pip the Troll that introduces him as Thanos’s brother. Star fox is there to help them find more Eternals, he has his own celestial sphere that he’s gotten somehow. The second post-credit scene is Dane in front of an antique box debating whether he should open it and then touch the sword within the box until a detached voice starts talking to him. The voice sounded like Mahershala Ali as the blade. It does say “ The Eternals will return…” after the final post-credit scene.

Overall The Eternals made an average entry in MCU. Let’s hope for Eternals 2.

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