Ewan McGregor confirms that filming on ‘Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi’ has begun.

Ewan McGregor confirms that filming on 'Star Wars

Ewan McGregor confirms that filming on ‘Star Wars-The show’s production has been kept under wraps by Disney, leaving us with just a few casting updates and the status of McGregor’s facial hair to speculate about how things are going. McGregor could only confirm that he had done some screen tests for the series when he spoke with THR in April. Even now, McGregor seems to be wary of offering any spoilers, refusing to confirm that Hayden Christensen’s Darth Vader will feature, despite the fact that this was announced in December.

However, McGregor confirms that filming has been going on since at least Star Wars Day. “On May 4th, I had the opportunity to play a very special scene with someone very special in my life, and that’s all I can say about it.” There are no clues as to who the special person is (despite Kimmel’s best efforts), so it isn’t Jar-Jar Binks.

The fact that filming is so enjoyable contrasts with McGregor’s remarks last month about the prequels’ reliance on CGI. McGregor stresses the use of the StageCraft technique, which was first used on The Mandalorian, in the new series. Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi is expected to premiere in 2022.


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