Exclusive: John Cena Will Appear as The Thing In Marvel’s Fantastic Four Reboot

Exclusive: John Cena Will Appear as The Thing In Marvel's Fantastic Four

Exclusive: John Cena is set to make his first debut in MCU. Cena is set to play the role of Ben Grimm (The Thing) in the upcoming Marvel’s Fantastic Four Reboot. The project is part of Marvel phase 4 and Bryce Dallas Howard will be directing. Dallas Howard also portrays the role of Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman.

Cena is not unknown to superhero films, he appeared as Peacemaker in James Gunn
‘s The Suicide Squad and the spin-off series Peacemaker for HBO Max.

Jon Watts was previously set to direct the film, but later announced he stepped away from the project. According to Deadline, Watts, who helmed the billion dollar-spinning (and multiverse-centric) Spider-Man: No Way Home, simply needed a break from the superhero genre following his MCU’s Spider-Man movie trilogy directing exploits.

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In the year 1990, a brilliant scientist named Reed Richards (John Krasinski) enlists the help of Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm as they head to space for a scientific breakthrough. As they meet turmoil, the team has gone missing only to regain consciousness 26 years later. They enforce their newfound abilities to defend Earth from impending doom and adjust to the new reality and time they are thrusted into.

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