Ezra Miller Arrested by Hawaii Cops, Watch The police Body Cam Footage

Ezra Miller Arrested by Hawaii Cops

Ezra Miller, who starred in ‘The Flash’ and ‘Justice League’ was arrested for an allegation for the third time. Miller was arrested by cops in Hawaii, The police body cam footage from Ezra’s March arrest on the Big Island, you see cops asking the actor questions inside the bar where they allegedly became agitated with patrons. See the footage below.

In the video of Ezra Miller’s first arrest in Hawaii. It is possible to see that Ezra is calm and peacefully responding to the arrest. Ezra claims he has evidence that he suffered anti-Semitic attacks at the bar by a self-proclaimed Nazi and the police respond with: “Okay, So”

One victim told that Ezra attacked him, spitting in his face and going nuts … and when cops questioned Ezra, they claim they got assaulted and started filming because “I film myself when I get assaulted for NFT crypto art.”

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Ezra raises their voice as they demand names and badge numbers from the officers, but the police ignore them and go back to the alleged victim, who claims he was playing darts and minding his own business when Ezra came up and spit on him.

The alleged Nazi is threatening Miller in front of the police. The alleged Nazi in this clip tells the police, “Y’all gonna light ’em up or I’m gonna light ’em up!”

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