Fan Trolled Loki Director Kate Herron For Ruining Loki Series, Herron Responded More Franchise To Ruin

Fan Trolled Loki Director Kate Herron

Kate Herron, the director of Loki, has had to deal with a lot of conflicting comments to the Disney+ series online, which she has handled well. However, as a woman on the Internet, the tone of remarks is frequently laced with a particularly repulsive form of sexism. When you add in the fact that Herron is strong, out a lesbian woman in charge of a popular Marvel superhero franchise, I can only imagine the kind of hatred she’s faced.


She screenshotted a Twitter message to her, in which a person with a Ludwig von Beethoven avatar wrote, “Thanks for destroying Loki, you fat skank.” Herron blurred the troll’s username and linked the image to her own tweet, writing: Hot, fat and available to tank your major franchises


The prevailing consensus is that you should not “feed” the trolls. However, ignoring their abusive cries, especially when they are directed at high-profile women, creates the impression that they can get away with anything. Herron is exposing the world to the tiniest fraction of the subhuman hate she receives by emphasizing this remark, then flipping it around and wryly owning words and concepts that were meant to harm her.


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Herron’s display of courage and self-awareness is admirable, but she shouldn’t have to face such criticism. Nobody should do it. It says a lot about how we interact online now because not only do trolls and entitled fans believe they can trash creators without consequence, but the hatred intended at women is still particular.

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Loki looked stunning in every scene, down to the finest detail, and even those who complain about “verbosity” can’t blame the actors’ work, which was flawless throughout. Michael Waldron and Eric Martin collaborated on the conclusion, which has some people up in arms. It’s doubtful that they’ve encountered the same kind of animosity as Herron did for “ruining” Loki, and that any negative comments were so personal. However, no one should be harassed online for participating in a creative project.


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