First Kill Is Now Streaming on Netflix: Is First Kill Worth Watching?

First Kill Is Now Streaming on Netflix

First Kill started streaming on Netflix, the young adult vampire series is based on a story by New York Times best-selling author Victoria “V. E.” Schwab. created, written, and executive produced by Victoria Schwab. The series follows a teenage vampire Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) to make her first kill so she can take her place among a powerful vampire family, she sets her sights on a new girl in town named Calliope (Imani Lewis). But much to Juliette’s surprise, Calliope is a vampire hunter, from a family of celebrated slayers. Both find that the other won’t be so easy to kill.


Is First Kill Worth Watching?

The teenage adult drama show is very passionate, heartache, and secret make-out sessions. The forbidden lust toward two vampires is the main theme of the film. With high expectations don’t watch the series, just make it low. you’d definitely be satisfied. The teens Juliette and Calliope is ready to make their first kill. Will they fulfill their destiny? Juliette faces increasing pressure to make her first kill and establish herself in her family of legacy vampires. She can’t help but set her sights on Calliope, the mysterious, beautiful new girl who just so happens to come from an equally esteemed family of hunters. But both girls learn that it’s, much harder to kill someone when romantic feelings are involved. Jonas Dylan Allen as Ben.

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First Kill Is Now Streaming on Netflix

you could figure out that while watching the series. Juliette and Calliope have strong ties to their families, which allows for fun supporting characters. The adult drama is a worth-watching series, go ahead.

First Kill Cast

The series stars Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette Fairmont, Imani Lewis as Calliope Burns, Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot, Will Swenson as Sebastian, Aubin Wise as Talia, Jason R. Moore as Jack, Gracie Dzienny as Elinor, Phillip Mullings Jr. as Theo, Dylan McNamara as Oliver, Dominic Goodman as Apollo, and Jonas Dylan Allen as Ben.


How To Watch First Kill?

First Kill is now streaming on Netflix. Sign up for Netflix today and choose from several payment options. As a Netflix member, you are automatically charged once a month on the date you signed up. You have the freedom to change your plan or cancel online at any time.


Netflix offers a variety of plans to meet your needs. The plan you choose will determine the video quality and the number of screens you can watch Netflix on at the same time.

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