Flash Saves Superman Twice In Zack Snyder’s Justice League


In (Batman Vs Superman) Superman Sacrifice his life for killing Doom. batman gets guilt for his mistakes and waiting for a chance to undo his mistake. while he has a source to bring back superman. he did it without thinking backward.


How Flash Saves Superman Twice?

In Zack Snyder’s Justice League The source power mother box the living machines which can bring back superman while the cyborg tries to initiate the Kryptonian space ship and while trying to activate the mother box. mother box has less power to activate so flash suggests the idea that he can give power to the source mother box . he has done it perfectly as he said. Superman Is Back


After the return of superman, he just lost his mind out of control and start fighting with the justice team, While Seeing Lois helps superman to regrow his memory. at last, he decided to help the justice team. while the endpoint comes. Flash See That The end of the apocalypse of the world he tried to reverse it at the climax the whole entry created from the mother box. flash has reversed that energy through time travel. Flash Saves Superman Again From death in justice league

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