Florence Pugh Spotted On The Set Of Sebastian Lelio’s ‘The Wonder’ In Ireland

Florence Pugh Spotted The Wonder

Florence Pugh starring The Wonder, the Little Women star is dealing with both – however, judging by these set photos, the 25-year-old found it no hardship at all. Florence Pugh, who is now filming in County Wicklow, Ireland, has made an instant connection with one of her canine co-stars, Mo, an eight-year-old whippet.

Florence Pugh Spotted The Wonder

‘Mo took a fancy to Florence and kept going over to pet him in between takes,’ a bystander claimed. She’s also teaming with Kla Lord Cassidy, who portrays Anna O’Donnell, a pious girl who is reported to have gone months without eating.

Florence Pugh Spotted The Wonder

Florence Pugh plays Lib Wright, a 19th-century nurse who is dispatched to rural Ireland to care for an 11-year-old boy. The actress seemed to have enjoyed herself, thanking the Irish people for being “very gracious and friendly” last week.

The film team, it seemed, was also eager to express their gratitude. ‘The team really lowered the barricades to allow local residents and vacationers to witness the filming in the evening.’ In most cases, it’s the opposite way around: they strive to keep bystanders at bay.’

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Because the Netflix psychological thriller is set in 1862, local roads were strewn with bark and soil to make them appear genuine.


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