Following a leg injury, Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva have a passionate conversation: ‘I like to express my regret to you.’

After Weidman broke his leg in a fight against Uriah Hall in April, Silva reached out to the American and offered his help. The injury was eerily similar to the fractured leg Silva had in his rematch with Weidman in 2013. Silva’s legendary career was never the same after that defeat, and at 37 years old and with a 2-6 record in his previous eight fights, Weidman’s prospects aren’t looking bright.


Since his April injury, Silva has been an unexpected source of encouragement for Weidman, and the two former rivals spoke at length on Weidman’s new podcast, “Won’t Back Down,” on Friday, where Weidman apologized heartfeltly for the way he reacted to Silva’s injury in 2013 and any perceived lack of empathy he showed Silva in the aftermath.


“When I shattered my leg, the first thing that came to mind was, ‘I cannot believe (this).’ As soon as I struck the ground — literally, as soon as I glanced at my leg and watched it flop around — the first thing that came to mind was, ‘I cannot believe (this).’ “Like, I was thinking about you,” Weidman said to Silva.

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“I circled around and I remember hearing the screaming like someone was being murdered, and then I came over and I saw you holding your leg. And I just couldn’t believe it. And as time went on, I tried to get in touch with you that week, I felt terrible about it, but as time went on you kind of forget. And I feel terrible now because now I understand the pain that you went through, all the trials and tribulations that you went through, and it just makes me empathize with you so much more, with those situations. And to honest, I’ve never even said this out loud but it’s been on my mind really since this happened, but I want to apologize to you.” Silva said, who fights Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in a boxing match on Saturday. “Don’t worry about that, because I know everything that happened to you in the moment when I broke my leg, I know you didn’t realize. (You knew) I was feeling pain but not (that) I broke my leg. But I want you to understand, don’t say sorry. Because when the people judge, [they] don’t understand what happened inside (the cage).”

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