Fran Kranz’s ‘Mass’ Now Playing In Select Theaters In The U.S

Fran Kranz’s ‘Mass’

Fran Kranz’s ‘Mass’ starring Martha Plimpton, Jason Isaacs, Reed Birney, and Ann Dowd is now playing in select theaters in the U.S.

The parents of a teen boy who was one of 10 pupils killed in a school shooting are played by Martha Plimpton and Jason Isaacs. The killer’s parents, Ann Dowd and Reed Birney are unhappy and disturbed young men. The couples agree to gather at a table in the basement of an Episcopal church and talk about everything in the hopes of getting past despair, sorrow, and rage via catharsis and toward acceptance, or at the very least enlightenment.

Years after a horrific incident tore their lives apart, two sets of parents (Jason Isaacs and Martha Plimpton, Reed Birney and Ann Dowd) agree to meet secretly in order to try to move on. By confronting the ones who have been left behind, Fran Kranz attentively analyses their path of sorrow, rage, and acceptance in his writing and directing debut. Check out Review.

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