Gal Gadot confirms Joss Whedon threatened while filming Justice League

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot – “I just took care of it on the spot” Gal Gadot confirms Joss Whedon threatened her on the set of ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’. “He threatened my career and told me that if I did something, he’ll make sure my career will be miserable and I just took care of it on the spot.”

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Open up her statement again that joss Whedon threatened her that he will make Gal Gadot Career miserable.

Sounds joss whedon is new Darkseid in DC .The previous month that Ray Fisher Open up a statement on Joss Whedon on Twitter, he faced many problems while in the production of Justice League.

Now in an interview of N12 that Gal Gadot opens up her statement that joss Whedon threatened Gal Gadot to destroy her career when she asked to make changes in her character.

They didn’t want an angry black man. They ended up with a motivated one -Ray Fisher previously Ray Fisher told The Hollywood Reporter that Gadot and Jenkins had to battle for aspects of Wonder Woman’s character to be rescued or deleted from Whedon’s latest take on her, as well as that Whedon made a joke of how he treated them behind the scenes. Gadot’s recent comments to N12 corroborate THR sources who said Whedon threatened her career.

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“A knowledgeable source claims Gadot had several problems with the updated version of the film, including ‘issues about her character becoming more offensive than her character in Wonder Woman,” according to the report. She wanted the role to carry on from one film to the next.

Gal Gadot
<strong>Gal Gadot</strong>

“Whedon forced Gadot to record lines she didn’t want, threatened to hurt Gadot’s career, and disparaged Wonder Woman owner Patty Jenkins, according to reports.” Gadot previously told The LA Times, “I’m ready for Ray to go out and speak his facts.”

“I wasn’t with the guys when they fired with Joss Whedon because I had my own negative experience with him, but I took care of things there and there. I brought it to the attention of the higher-ups, who took care of it. But I’m glad Ray stood up and said it as it is.”


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