Gemma Chan New Night Shoot In The Eternal City

Gemma Chan New Night Shoot

Gemma Chan (38), The Eternals star shared a delightful new photo of her in a Twitter post. Eternals was released in theatres at the beginning of the month, and fans are praising the film’s stellar ensemble. There are a lot of outstanding performers in the picture, and it looks like they had a lot of fun creating it. watch her new image below.

Gemma Chan New Night Shoot

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Gemma portrayed the Role of Sersi and so far she got great fame from the role and she is now talk of all social media. The Eternals, a group of cosmic warriors sent to Earth thousands of years ago to safeguard humanity from the Deviants, were introduced in Chloé Zhao’s epic. Their abilities have far-reaching ramifications for the rest of the cosmos, implying that huge changes are on the way. At the same time, Eternals has become one of the most contentious films in the MCU, with fans and critics giving it mixed reviews.

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Gemma also shared a number of behind-the-scenes photos, including one with Styles and Harington. It’s a cute shot that suggests they all had a good time working together.

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An Eternals sequel hasn’t been officially greenlit yet, but based on the events of the film’s conclusion, there will almost certainly be one eventually. There’s always the possibility that the characters will appear in future MCU projects beyond Eternals 2. The character of Dane, played by Kit Harington, might very possibly feature in the upcoming Blade. For the time being, everything is supposition, but Marvel should announce something shortly.


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