Ghost of Ikishima, a mini-sequel to Ghost of Tsushima, is rumored to be coming to the PlayStation 5.

According to a new rumor, Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions is working on a small sequel titled Ghost of Ikishima. All of this comes from the Twitter user and Xboxera cofounder Shpeshal Nick, who has previously accurately leaked a few projects. Nick claimed in a series of tweets and replies that Ghost of Ikishima is “an expandalone type game” roughly the size of Spider-Man: Miles Morales aiming for a 2021 release, presumably on PS5 but also likely on PS4 given Sony’s redoubled plans for cross-gen releases.


Overall, this is a wild and unsubstantiated claim that should be treated as such. A game of this description, however, would make sense for a few reasons. To begin, it’s entirely possible that Sony and Sucker Punch will release a smaller game under the Ghost of Tsushima moniker to supplement the PS5’s library in its first year, much like Insomniac Games did with Spider-Man: Miles Morales for the PS5’s launch. The rumored Ghost of Ikishima would theoretically bring the IP to the PS5 and, assuming it’s a cross-gen release, give the game’s large PS4 audience something else to chew on. Sony and Sucker Punch clearly want to capitalize on their success. This is unsurprising given the game’s positive reviews and sales, not to mention Sucker Punch’s track record of sequelizing Sly Cooper and Infamous.



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