Godzilla vs Kong Early Reaction Says The Clash Is Iconic

The early reactions to the upcoming monster movie Godzilla vs Kong are here, and they are pretty good.The early reactions are quite positive, thought critics note that the film struggles to handle its human interactions even as the monster vs monster action, the film’s selling point, is perfect.

Fandango’s Erik Davis wrote, “I’ve seen #GodzillaVsKong and it is grade-A awesome! The monster brawls are badass & beautiful — huge fights, all well designed & super gnarly. Solid story, strong cast, really good score. A true Midnight Monster Movie & my favorite of the four modern Godzilla/Kong movies.”


io9’s Germain Lussier wrote, “Godzilla vs. Kong has excellent action and effects. The story is crazy ambitious and at times achieves some unique sci-fi-coolness. I’d watch it again for that stuff but most of the human angles are so overstuffed, illogical and pointless, it constantly took me out of it.”

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