Godzilla vs. Kong: “Kong Sit On A throne” New Trailer Reveals


New trailer of Godzilla vs Kong has recently ruined how Kong’s story closes. The new trailer for the impending fourth portion in the MonsterVerse features how the story – and cast – is separated by the battle between the nominal Titans. Similar to the fanbase themselves, the characters are assembled into “Group Kong” or “Group Godzilla”, and will be sent on isolated ways that at last unite. In view of the thing’s been said about the film up until this point, it’s become clear Monarch and a significant number of the human characters will see Kong as a legend and their best any expectation of saving the planet.


While working with a young lady who imparts a profound attach to Kong, the human heroes will endeavor to offer guide to Kong, who is viewed as a thoughtful figure. Seen as the evil is Godzilla, who has betrayed human progress for puzzling reasons. The battle on top of the war vessel in the primary trailer additionally indicates Godzilla being the troublemaker of the contention with Kong. It shows up their conflict with one another will come from an antiquated contention that has been continuing for millennia. Clearly, their precursors were associated with a Titan War, and now the two will be proceeding with their battle.

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Godzilla Theory: Kong’s Ancestor Killed The MonsterVerse’s Anguirus

This scenario could provide the real reason for why Kong is captured. If they’re about to leave Skull Island uninhabitable, they may agree to take Kong with them. If they really believe he’s the world’s only hope, it’s understandable why they would find a way to save him and leave everything else behind. It’s for this reason it would be important to find a new home for him after the battle with Godzilla. One possible option for that is the Hollow Earth itself, since that may be where his ancestors are originally from, but this snowy environment may ultimately be chosen instead. As for how the humans get him there, that too may have been teased by previously released footage. Some trailers have shown an unconscious Kong carried by flying vehicles over an ice-covered land-mass. It’s possible that if Kong falls to Godzilla or Mechagodzilla, Monarch will retrieve him while’s he’s recovering from his wounds and take him to a new home. A secluded place where no humans live would be the best choice, and that snowy wilderness in the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer could potentially fit that criteria.

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