‘Godzilla Vs Kong’ Record-Breaking In Box Office: Monster Verse Roars Worldwide


Godzilla Vs Kong Closing Records on $300M WW on its 12th day of release and according to HBO Max head Andy Forsell, GVK has a larger viewing audience than any other film or show on Max when comparing audience metrics in the first four days of release.


The Epic fight between Godzilla and Kong destroys the whole cities and buildings in the movie guess in box office too. Godzilla Vs Kong is a must-watch epic film, a new pinnacle height for the MonsterVerse that delivers on its story, spectacle, & titanic match of the century! Cementing a larger-than-life franchise that has a fight, heart, & many more stories left to tell. The final clash is not the ending. Godzilla will return


As we can see kong is so emotional and his doings that relate to a hero’s side. why Godzilla attacked kong because of a purpose


Godzilla was trying to stop apex from unleashing Mechagodzilla it’s radically like 2 alphas showing up to the same action is gonna start without any explanation in order for the world to survive they needed to work together.

Eiza Gonzalez as Maia Simmons in Godzilla vs Kong

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Millie bobby brown in Godzilla vs Kong


Box Office Update – Godzilla Vs Kong : China – $135 M India Gross – $7.9 M (58 Cr) Domestic – $48.5 M (Best start for Hollywood film since pandemic) International – $236.9 M Worldwide Box Office – $285.4 M

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