Grand Army: has been canceled after one season

The Netflix series “Grand Army” will not be renewed. Variety has heard exclusively from the streamer that the drama series has been terminated after only one season.


The adolescent drama’s nine-episode first season premiered on Netflix in October. Katie Cappiello created the series, which was largely based on her 2013 work “Slut: The Play.”

Grand Army: has been canceled The Netflix series "Grand Army" will not be renewed. Variety has heard exclusively from the streamer that the drama series

The show followed five kids from Brooklyn’s largest public high school as they battled to achieve, survive, wild out, break free, and grasp the future in a tumultuous environment. Joey Del Marco was played by Odessa A’zion, Dominique Pierre was played by Odley Jean, Siddhartha Pakam was played by Amir Bageria, Jayson Jackson was played by Maliq Johnson, Leila Kwan Zimmer was played by Amalia Yoo, John Ellis was played by Alphonso Romero Jones II, Tamika Jones was played by Brittany Adebumola, and Tor Sampson was played by Crystal Sha’re Nelson.

Cappiello worked as an executive producer alongside Joshua Donen, Beau Willimon, Jordan Tappis, Nicolette Donen, and Elizabeth Kling, in addition to having developed the series.


The series got largely good reviews upon its initial premiere, with a Rotten Tomatoes critical approval rating of 71 percent. The show’s young cast was lauded by reviewers in particular. LaToya Ferguson wrote for Variety that the ensemble was “very brilliant” and that the show “drives its tales ahead in a way that makes it worth watching the entire season.


she commented “At this point, ‘Grand Army’ doesn’t really offer anything fresh to the teen genre. Not in its depiction of sexual assault, teen slut-shaming, or cyberbullying, not in its depiction of a seemingly normal high school student capable of horrifying things, not in its depiction of a closeted gay teen story, and especially not in its depiction of Black students’ struggles (upon struggles, upon struggles).”

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