Grand Theft Auto 6: Is Set In Modern Day Vice City With An Evolving Map & Multiple Protagonists

Grand Theft Auto 6: Is Set In Modern

According to recognized insider Tom Henderson, who has previously released correct facts regarding the forthcoming Battlefield game, and confirmed by respected Bloomberg writer Jason Schreier, as well as VGC’s own sources, this is the case. Last week, Henderson said in a video that the next Grand Theft Auto game will be released in 2024 or 2025, partially due to Rockstar’s increased focus on staff wellness, which follows criticism of the company’s purported crunch culture.

Grand Theft Auto 6: Is Set In Modern

Last year, journalist Schreier of Kotaku stated that GTA 6 was Rockstar’s next game, but that it was “still a ways away.” He responded to Henderson’s claim that the game will now be released in 2024 or 2025 on Sunday, saying, “Everything Tom Henderson has mentioned about the game fits up with what I’ve heard.”

Schreier went on to say that his prior statements indicating a 2023 release date for the sequel were made “before we started a pandemic that still hasn’t ceased.” According to Schreier’s April 2020 Kotaku post, Rockstar may release a “moderately large” GTA 6 at launch and then continuously extend the game over time as part of management’s efforts to alleviate employee stress and pressure.

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Grand Theft Auto 6: Is Set In Modern

This is also stated in Henderson’s latest report, which claims that the game would be set in a modern-day Vice City — based on Miami – and that the setting will alter and grow with new regions after release, similar to Fortnite’s game map. This is also consistent with what VGC has received from its own sources concerning the upcoming GTA game.

GTA studio Rockstar North has been ramping up to fill several roles for work on next-gen projects since co-founder Dan Houser left the business in March of last year. Houser has started a new gaming firm named Absurd Ventures, according to the Companies House filings this month.

Former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies, another important person behind the GTA series, started his own firm, Build a Rocket Boy, in 2017. Everywhere is a new open-world game being developed by the Scottish company. A patent filed by Rockstar Games programmers earlier this year hinted to possible substantial changes to how NPCs traverse open-world games like Grand Theft Auto 6.

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