Grant Gustin and Javicia Leslie Were Spotted During The Wrap Day Of ‘The Flash’ Season 9

Grant Gustin and Javicia Leslie Were Spotted During The Wrap Day

Grant Gustin and Javicia Leslie were spotted during the wrap day of ‘The Flash‘ Season 9. Gustin and Leslie were taking selfies with fans. Most recently, it is confirmed that Javicia Leslie is playing the role of Red Death in the final season. The character was mentioned in season 5 of The Flash. Check out the footage below.


A Twitter user (@ThemysciraBound) posted the footage and quoted “Grant Gustin & Javicia Leslie doing selfies as Grant wraps for the day. Grant would be called back to lie on the ground for a few more seconds as they redo a take. Javicia had to film another scene, so she wrapped about an hour later at 3:30 am. #TheFlash #RedDeath #Batwoman

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On the wrap day of ‘The Flash’ Season 9, A source Canadagraphs described the filming day. “Flash walks slowly towards the other two, before stopping. Some dialogue is exchanged between them, before Rainbow Raider is standing over him forcing The Flash down to the ground, eventually laid out flat on his back. Red Death then walks over, stands over The Flash, and then does some type of clap motion, then they walk away.”

“A bit later, they did a scene with JUST Red Death standing in the courtyard. Spectators running around screaming, and she yells out to The Flash to come & get her.”


‘The Flash’ Season 9 is expected to air in early 2023 on The CW.


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