Green Lantern Series: Tobias Menzies Is Reportedly In Talks To Star As Sinestro

Green Lantern Series: Tobias Menzies

With The Suicide Squad spin-off Peacemaker, The Batman spin-off series Gotham P.D., and, of course, the highly anticipated Green Lantern series, HBO Max has a lot of interesting DC Series on the horizon. With Finn Wittrock joining the cast as Guy Gardner and Jeremy Irvine joining the cast as Alan Scott, the new HBO Max series has already added two interesting performers to the roster. And now it appears like Green Lantern may have found Thaal Sinestro, one of the series’ most important and anticipated characters.

Green Lantern Series: Tobias Menzies

In the highly anticipated HBO Max Green Lantern series, Tobias Menzies is in discussions to portray Thaal Sinestro. Tobias Menzies has a long and illustrious film, television, and theatrical career. In addition to Brutus on HBO’s Rome, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh in Netflix’s The Crown seasons three and four, and Edmure Tully on HBO’s Game of Thrones, he has had significant roles in a number of notable series.

The two roles Tobias Menzies played on Starz’s Outlander series are arguably the clearest indication of why Tobias Menzies may be the right option for the complex character of Thaal Sinestro. Tobias Menzies portrayed Frank Randall, the faithful spouse of the series’ main character in the twentieth century, as well as Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall, the series’ cruel villain. Tobias played two very different characters in two different time periods, and despite the fact that the characters were quite different, Menzies was able to inject clues of their familial links into his performances.

According to Sinestro’s character synopsis, the Green Lantern series will center on Sinestro’s early existence as a prominent member of the Corps. Sinestro is finally kicked out of the Green Lantern Corps after abusing his authority and using the yellow Lantern power ring against the Corps, becoming the Sinestro Corps. His fated defection from the Green Lantern Corps is hinted at in the character description.

Thaal Sinestro is described as a “warrior monk” and the “greatest of all Green Lanterns” in the forthcoming series’ character description. Sinestro is functioning as the Corps’ strategic leader, and the other Lanterns blindly obey his commands. Sinestro is the “personification of grace under duress,” possessing unrivaled resolve and wisdom, but his otherwise Zen demeanour is belied by a dark destiny.

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With these two conflicting traits, the actor who plays Sinestro in the next Green Lantern film will have to strike a balance between the character’s destined fate and his high position within the Corps. Tobias Menzies has demonstrated his ability to give his characters complexity, and the duality he demonstrated in Outlander appears to make him an excellent choice for the crucial Green Lantern role of Thaal Sinestro. Fans know he has a dark side that he will eventually succumb to. An apparently decent guy and leader with a dark side that he will inevitably succumb to.

Thaal Sinestro is a captivating figure with an interesting and intricate journey based on the character’s background and description. In a cast consisting of fascinating and deep characters, this character will need to stand out. Sinestro will need to be played by a talented actor who can bring subtlety to his portrayal. If Tobias Menzies does decide to take on the job, he appears to have the necessary expertise to bring this highly awaited figure to life on film for Green Lantern fans.


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