Hannah Waddingham Told That The third season of ‘Ted Lasso’ Completed Halfway Through Its Filming

Hannah Waddingham Told That The third season of 'Ted Lasso' Completed

Hannah Waddingham says they are halfway through shooting the third and potentially final season of ‘Ted Lasso’.

Speaking to Deadline on Monday night at the Ted Lasso FYC event in Los Angeles, Waddingham told, “We are halfway through shooting Season 3 and I would like to pause things because I’m not ready to say goodbye to her in three episodes.”

Hannah Waddingham Told That The third season of 'Ted Lasso' Completed

She added, “Brett and I were talking about [saying goodbye] earlier and we’re both a little bit in denial but have been expecting it since the word go at the same time. It’s like a long, slow mourning. I love her, man. She’s the girl—my girl— that I’m walking along next to and serving. I know that sounds dramatic but that’s how I feel. I feel her rippling through my bloodstream and I’m not ready to not walk with her anymore.”

Season 3 of Ted Lasso began filming in London on March 6. Executive producer and star Brett Goldstein revealed last month that the Season 3 finale is being written as the series finale. “We are writing it like that,” he told the Sunday Times. “It was planned as three.” Echoing that statement on multiple occasions is co-creator Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt, and Bill Lawrence. Lawrence told Deadline in October, “we said this series was only going to be three seasons.” Apple has not confirmed the series will wrap with Season 3.

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Hannah Waddingham Told That The third season of 'Ted Lasso' Completed

At the end of Ted Lasso’s Season 2 finale, Ted finally confronts Nate about being the anonymous source in The Independent’s revealing story about the coach’s panic attack only to be called out for neglecting his friend and assistant coach when he was needed the most.

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