Harry Potter: Tom Felton Is Down To Return As Draco Malfoy in the future Sequel

Harry Potter: Tom Felton says he wants to reprise his role of Draco Malfoy: “If you’re asking me will I dye my hair blonde again to be Draco, abso-bloody-lutely. Either [him or Lucius]. I’ll play Draco’s kid if you really want! Any chance to be a Malfoy again would be greatly accepted.” has stated that if given the chance, he would gladly return to Hogwarts. In the movie series based on J.K. Rowling’s fantasy novels, the actor earned his start portraying Harry Potter’s (Daniel Radcliffe) snooty opponent. With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the Harry Potter series came to an end in 2011, but the Wizarding World franchise continued with the prequel spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Harry Potter: Tom Felton wants to reprise his role of Draco Malfoy: “If you're asking me will I dye my hair blonde again to be Draco, abso-bloody-lutely.

Despite the fact that Felton was just 13 when he originally took on the role, he grew into it as the character developed depth and evil over time. Malfoy encounters many identity crises and ethical issues at the conclusion of the novels and films, which break down his arrogance, first into scattered panic, and then into hollow resignation. The dilemma of whether Malfoy is good or evil, like Severus Snape’s, is fundamental to his character and position in the plot. Draco’s goodness is uncertain throughout the film, as he alternates between bowing to family pressure to embrace Lord Voldemort and a deeper human impulse to stand with his Hogwarts classmates.


According to People, Felton would gladly reprise his legendary role in a heartbeat. Felton expressed excitement at the thought of reuniting with the Malfoy family in an interview at the inauguration of a major Harry Potter store in New York City. The actor claims he’d gladly don more bleach to reprise his role as Draco Malfoy in a Wizarding World film. Ironically, Felton’s courteous, accommodating attitude toward the potential endeavor is un-Malfoy-like:

The actor claims he couldn’t help but feel connected to the part after playing it for a decade. “If someone else played [Draco], I’d be rather possessive,” he says. Felton also suggests an intriguing casting option: he might play a Malfoy who isn’t Draco. He recommends Lucius, Draco’s father, who he might play in a prequel, or Scorpius, Draco’s son, who may appear in a spinoff or independent sequel. In a fantasy series, casting an actor in a different role would be unusual since it may cause the story’s universe to be disrupted. It’s not unheard of, though, for an actor to play a member of his character’s family.

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Felton’s choices for returning to the Wizarding World are now limited. Because the Harry Potter films are based on the book series, the ending is almost certain. Fantastic Beasts 3 is now in production, with a total of five films planned, however the events of the series take place between 1926 and 1945, prior to Lucius’ birth in 1953. Polaris N.D. Malfoy, a new character, will appear in Fantastic Beasts 3, although the part has already been cast. Although there are presently no plans for a film version, the stage production Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has offered recurring opportunities for original film cast members to reprise their roles. A Harry Potter TV series is also in the works at HBO Max, so Felton’s return to the on-screen Wizarding World isn’t out of the question.



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