Hawkeye Episode 4 Review: Wait For The Final 15 Minutes For The Best Ever Scene

Hawkeye Episode 4 Review

Marvel’s “Hawkeye” episode 4 arrived on Disney+, and it picks up right where the previous episode left off, with Clint and Katie being caught out by her soon-to-be stepfather (Jack Duquesne) leading to the two bonding over a few drinks before getting closer to tracking down a stolen item from the Avengers compound.

Hawkeye Episode 4 Review

Clint and Kate attempt to collect a mysterious Rolex from a shadowy apartment, but are ambushed by two women. Maya is one of them, while the other is wearing a Splinter Cell-style stealth suit. Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), who we last saw in the Black Widow post-credits sequence, is finally unmasked and revealed.

Episode 4 showed us how dangerous and risky being a superhero can be. Clint got scared of losing Kate just like he felt losing Natasha. What if in order for Kate to truly realize how serious this world she entered. The bond between Kate and Clint is one of the best parts of MCU.

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Yelena Belova will appear in upcoming episodes 5 and 6. Hawkeye episode 4 is available on Disney+.

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