Hawkeye Episode 6 Review: Clint & Kate Made Their Final Trick Arrow

Hawkeye Episode 6 Review

Hawkeye Spoiler Review: Finally it’s an end to the deadly marvel villain Kingpin. kate and Yelena just steal Episode 6. So Marvel is not gonna do Hawkeye Season 2.

Episode 6 feels like two minutes. So out of all the 2021 MCU projects, Hawkeye’s the only one for me that has an ending that works. A series that actually feels like a miniseries, actually refreshing to see something that isn’t as interconnected and crossover-heavy as its contemporaries.

Hawkeye Episode 6 Review

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At last, Clint will be revealing to Yelena that what we expect from him is to say “nothing was gonna stop her Yelena…. you know Natasha. she made her choice. we’re gonna have to find a way to live with that”


Clint and Kate, along with new outfits and trick Arrows, crash the Bishop holiday party in order to save Kate’s mother from Kingpin’s wrath. Yelena’s arrival complicates matters, but it also allows Kate and Clint to take on all of the season’s antagonists at once. The following scenario is without a doubt the best Christmas battle scene in MCU’s history. Even if it is the MCU’s only Christmas battle sequence. Nonetheless, the masterfully orchestrated action flows wonderfully well and is among the greatest of all Disney+ shows.

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Overall Hawkeye Season 1 is another milestone for Disney+. Episode 6 will break you down emotionally like Endgame. Watch Hawkeye Season 1 on Disney+.


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