HBO Max & Warner Bros. Jellystone Opening Sequence Is Out Now

HBO Max & Warner Bros. Jellystone

Showrunner & EP C.H. Greenblatt and Ian Wasseluk (Supervising Director), as well as voice cast members Jeff Bergman (Yogi Bear), Grace Helbig (Cindy Bear), and Niccole Thurman, gave a first peek of HBO Max & Warner Bros. Animation’s Jellystone! earlier today to Comic-Con@Home virtual guests (Jabberjaw). The series features redesigned versions of Jabberjaw, Top Cat, Snagglepuss, El Kabong, Wally Gator, Johnny Quest & Hadji, Shag Rugg, Captain Caveman, and more iconic Hanna-Barbera characters as they live together in the pleasant town. And they keep an eye out for one another, as you’ll witness when anything goes wrong with Grape Ape. Will a doctor who is “smarter than the ordinary bear” watch below the opening scene from Jellystone.

What makes the Jellystone! world unique is the large number of iconic and not-so-classic characters we were allowed to employ from the Hanna-Barbera collection. We wanted to have some goofy, strange fun with these creatures and develop their personalities to give them more depth, rather than trying to mimic the vibe of old cartoons. If you like a character, chances are you’ll see them somewhere in the globe at some point. We think longstanding fans will love our interpretation of the universe, and we’re thrilled that parents will be able to introduce and enjoy their favorite Hanna-Barbera characters with their children.

HBO Max’s Jellystone!, will be available on July 29.

HBO Max & Warner Bros. Jellystone


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