“He’ll come after me,” Javier Mendez predicts that Conor McGregor would ‘do his homework’ and ‘strike back’ at him after he criticised the Irishman

Javier Mendez and Conor McGregor aren’t exactly known for being pals. After all, McGregor’s archrival, MMA legend Khabib Nurmagomedov, is Mendez’s head coach. Despite this, neither Conor McGregor nor Javier Mendez has ever made a direct personal attack on the other. This has lately changed, with Mendez openly condemning McGregor’s infamous Covid tweet directed at Khabib’s late father. khabib ufc minutes is still legendary. Poirier vs Khabib was an easy KNO for the eagle.

“Let’s face it, I had some choice words for him (Conor McGregor) that were way worse than DC. But I’m the lowly coach, so I’m not as important. At one point he’s going to come after me, and rightfully so. He has some shots coming at me because I fired some at him. So, he’ll fire at me eventually. That’s who he is. And I’ll take ‘em.”No, he never has (fired shots at me). But I never really fired at him. And now, I have. So, it’s only fair that he could fire back at me. And I accept. I accept. Whatever he comes at me, he comes at me with. He’ll do his research, but he’s not gonna have very much. I don’t really have much to come at me. He will do his research. He will come after me.”


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