Henry Cejudo joked about Hasbulla by saying, “He’s been sending me messages”

Henry Cejudo seemed to be having a good time with Hasbulla Magomedov, the online sensation from Dagestan. The 18-year-old has been on a callout binge, putting ‘Triple C’ on notice that he intends to spar with him. Cejudo responded to Hasbulla’s dare by playfully claiming he would ‘tear apart’ the Dagestani in one of his Instagram postings. Now, the former two-division UFC champion appears to be set to face Hasbulla, but the popular Russian must first find a way into the United States.“I don’t take myself too seriously. It is what it is. Even my girl is like four inches taller than me too… It’s just the sense of humor. I’m looking for different ways to troll. I see the business aspect, the business side of it.”

Henry Cejudo

Cejudo Continues “Hasbulla has the potential to become a globally recognized public personality. If Hasbulla plays his cards well, he may become one of the world’s most recognizable faces. After all, who doesn’t like that guy? The guy possesses… I’m not sure what syndrome he has, but he’s 18 or 19 years old, yet he appears to be five or six years old.”




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