House of the Dragon Episode 5 Ending Explained!

House of the Dragon Episode 5 Ending Explained!

House of the Dragon Episode 5 introduced Daemon Targaryen‘s wife, Lady Rhea Royce, although her screen time was fleeting. If you thought that the castle in the background looked familiar, you’re right. Its Runestone, the seat of House Royce, which we saw in Game of Thrones when young Robin Arryn was training, rather than tripping all over Daemon makes short work of Rhea and blames it on an accident. It happens a bit differently in the source material, in which she’s said to have died nine days after falling off her horse, leaving less room for a foul play I knew you couldn’t finish Craven.

House of the Dragon Episode 5 Ending Explained!

Lionel Strong, a strong man’s name, is the new king’s hand, and he has two sons. Larys Strong, also known as the clubfoot and harwin, was nicknamed “break bones” for his ability to break bones. So far, Harwin Strong has only made brief appearances, including in this episode at the welcome feast where he dances with Rhaenyra and carries her out of harm’s way. However, he has an important role in George R. R. Martin’s book Fire and Blood and who might be running from now. Rhaenyra tries to seduce Kristen, but he rejects her, so she turns to Harwin. He’s one to keep an eye on in the show for a potentially larger role. By the way, if you think Lionel and Harwin look a little too close in age to be father and son, you’re right The actors are only about 10 years apart.

In a parallel conversation, I prefer Rose Duck to Goose. I cannot say why. There are those who like Goose very well. In the second season of Game of Thrones, Marjorie has a candid conversation with Renly about his sexual orientation and their marriage Save your lives for court, because you’ll need a lot of them. she encourages him to continue to pursue his desires behind closed doors but insists that they produce an heir. “Your enemies aren’t happy about us. They want to tear us apart and the best way to stop them is to put your baby in my belly This mirrors the exchange that Rhaenyra has with Lenore when she discusses his preference for goose over duck the princess proposes that they perform their royal duties but satisfy their own appetites in private. What do you propose that we perform our duty to our fathers and the realm, and when it’s done, each of us dies as we see fit Unfortunately, both of these marriages of convenience end in tragedy, with Renly assassinated and Lanor’s paramour murdered.

An honest hand You wanted to believe her, as did her father. It’s the hand’s job, to be honest and tell it like it is, but that often backfires for the hand. As we also saw in Game of Thrones, Otto Hightower manoeuvred his young daughter into the position of queen and reported Rhaenyra and Daemon’s dalliance to the king, so viewers took satisfaction in his removal from the office at Rhaenyra’s request, but like it or not, he wasn’t actually wrong to listen to me, daughter, the king will die. It may be months or years, but he will not live to be an old man. And if Ramirez succeeds, war will follow. Do you understand that his predictions about war with its danger to his grandson, Aegon, are exactly where events are headed?

The episode 4 closing shot brings them even more to the forefront. The rodents were previously seen in the dungeons and even the king’s bedroom. Given Viserys’ sickness and deterioration, their presence seems fitting; their approach closer and closer to the king foreshadows his downfall Patty Considine, who plays Viserys, has described her character’s ailment as a form of leprosy. When he collapses at the end of the episode, a rat licks blood up from the floor, a clear sign that death and disaster are getting ever nearer It’s also been speculated that this image alludes to characters from Fire and Blood Blood and Cheese, but we can’t get into that without major spoilers.

A speech is interrupted by House Targaryen, and in many ways, Alicent Hightower is the Sansa stark of House of the Dragon. Both their fathers served as the king’s hand, and both Alicent and sansa were betrothed to royals for political advantage their character arcs see them rise from naive ponds to powerful rulers. We see this already happening in Alicent’s power move. in episode 5 where she wears green to the welcome feast a color used by the house Hightower to signal war the beacon on the high tower do you know what color it glows when old town calls its banners to war green just as significant however is the exact moment of her arrival which interrupts Viserys’s speech right before he can finish announcing the union of houses Targaryen and valerian it is a foreboding passage of conflict to come.

House of Dragon episode 5 is now streaming on HBO Max and Disney+.

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