How Does The Peacemaker Episode 3 End? Ending Explained

How Does The Peacemaker Episode 3 End? Ending Explained

Wake up! it is time to see 3 episodes of the peacemaker series. Peacemaker open with Suicide squad events.

For the first time, Vigilante (Freddie Stromalethal)’s powers are put on a show in Episode 3. After Peacemaker (John Cena) fails to pull the trigger at Senator Royland Goff’s home, Vigilante takes control of the mission and kills three of the four targets. Following Goff’s capture of Peacemaker and Vigilante, Vigilante is unmasked (triggering absurd face workouts) and tortured (triggering even more ridiculous screaming). Peacemaker, unfortunately for Vigilante, refuses to offer up any information, despite telling Goff, “Give it all you have!” When Peacemaker refuses to give him any pain, Vigilante is really shocked, and he looks truly saddened by Peacemaker’s lack of empathy for him.

How Does The Peacemaker Episode 3 End? Ending Explained

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Vigilante’s actions in the first two episodes reveal that he believes he is Peacemaker’s best friend. Peacemaker returns to Evergreen to find a slew of rambling voicemails from Vigilante, indicating a dedicated but one-sided friendship. Vigilante eagerly stares at Peacemaker from across the restaurant when the team meets for a briefing at Fennel Fields, and later conducts a not-so-private dance outside to celebrate Peacemaker’s return to the area. In Episode 2, Vigilante pays a visit to Peacemaker’s trailer and describes himself as the contract killer’s best friend, a claim that the contract killer quickly rejects.

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What Is Project Butterfly?

The physical butterfly inside Senator Goff’s skull as seen in Episode 3 is a major hint to the entire mission, a subject about which Peacemaker knows shockingly few. Is it the intent to kill all butterflies, or just the ones Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) mentions? When Peacemaker informs Murn that the seemingly happy family of four is actually made entirely of Butterflies, the task force captain quickly gives orders to kill them all. Is this to say that all Butterflies are as dangerous as the lady who attacked Peacemaker in the first episode!

New episodes of “Peacemaker” will release on HBO Max every Thursday.

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