How The Dark Knight Becomes Immortal with His Iconic Leather Coat

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The Batman franchise is one of the most loved and popular DC comics that fans can’t get enough of. The dark and mysterious vibe has got everyone hooked on this superhero who calls himself, Vengeance. But it is not Batman who completely takes the limelight in iconic movies, like The Dark Knight Rises. Fans are obsessed with the supervillain characters that we see in the series and movies. And Bane is one that we have drooled over for his sensational physique and strict regime. He, too, has a dark and traumatic past, as he had to kill a grown-up man at the age of 8, just to live. Hence, he spent decades training and becoming the man we see. He has made himself into a killing machine that has the power and charisma to take over Gotham under the nose of the superhero, Batman. Just like Bruce Wayne, Bane too sacrificed his sleep and devoted himself to training to become a beast. He is a man of principle, who has not only focused on training physically but mentally as well. He is impenetrable, which makes him infamous for breaking Batman. The assassin has abnormal mental resilience to take down anything and anyone in his path. Just like Bane had forced Bruce Wayne to let go of his self–created persona. This is just one example of how someone can bring out the weakness in even the best of the best. That’s because he has undergone many experiments, which involved drugs like Venom to boost his super strength.

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Let’s take a close look at what he has to offer. Even though we all can be inspired by his work ethic, but have you seen the Bane coat? It’s one that you need in your wardrobe. Trust us, you can’t live without this sensational piece. This Bane coat has been cut and tailored to utter perfection, which gives you a sharp silhouette. It has been manufactured from premium quality genuine leather. Yes, you heard us right! Here at Leather City, we ensure the best for all our customers. So, you need not worry about the quality, cut, and fit. That’s because we are a size-inclusive brand, which aims to appease all our customers. No one leaves empty-handed from our store. This Bane coat is the perfect fit, as it has been tailored with a beautiful oversized shearling collar, which complements the inner faux shearling lining. This inner coat further adds to the coziness, warmth, and durability of your everyday winter coat. You need to be proactive and order this trendy streetwear right now. That’s because the stocks are limited, and you don’t want to miss out on this front button-loop closure. It has been blessed with pockets on the upper chest area, two flap pockets at the waist, and a pair of interior pockets. Hence, it is a trendsetter that ticks all the boxes of fashion with a purpose.

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So, if you are into cosplay or just high–end fashion, this item is a total must-have. You will love the simplicity of the design. It has distressed brown leather, which pairs up well with everything. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion or your personal mood. But it is a fact, that looking incredible can make you feel amazing. Hence, if you ever have a bad day, it is best to ensure that you look and feel great. It will help you boost your confidence. What is better than dressing up like the hot shot Bane, who was played by Tom Hardy. You do not even need a physique like him because it has shoulder padding to give the illusion of broad shoulders. Additionally, there is no better place than Leather City to revamp your wardrobe because have a range of clothing options that fall within budget. Yes, you heard us right! Moreover, the premium quality craftsmanship is what will attract you the most once you lay your hands on our sensation products. They have been handcrafted to utter perfection with love and care. You can order any day and anytime for your sensational Batman merchandise.

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Before we sign off, let’s talk a little about how Bane has been the stressor and motivator for Batman on many occasions. Even though he broke Batman, it also gave him the strength to rise above it all. Batman came out even stronger after all that he had been through and managed to save Gotham from the wrath of Bane. So, if you love the movie and can’t wait to see the upcoming Batman movies, you need to prepare beforehand. This can simply mean getting hands on the Bane coat, or just doing a Batman movie marathon with friends! Cheers!

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