iCarly revival Episode 4 Is Now Available On Paramount+

iCarly revival Episode 4 Is Now Available

The long-awaited iCarly reboot premiered on Paramount+ earlier this month. Thanks to its tie-ins to the original series and general reinvention of Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and the gang’s life as adults, it soon became a favorite with fans. As a few people have pointed out on social media, the new series’ Black protagonists, Harper (Laci Mosley) and Millicent (Jaidyn Triplett), have already had some amazing hair moments in the first few episodes, owing to the show’s intentional choice to use Black hairstylists. Click The below link to watch the episodes.

A Twitter user came to the site the day after the show’s June 17 debut to laud the hairstylists who worked on Mosley and Triplett’s hair. They remarked, “Okay whomever did the black hair in the icarly reboot was not playing honestly.” Later, Decoded’s Franchesca Ramsey, a show producer, reacted to the tweet, stating that the program’s behind-the-scenes crew made an effort to have a Black hairdresser on set for this reason.

Ramsey wrote, “That’s what happens when your main hairdresser is BLACK.” “This was a top concern for me after having my hair messed up on too many times to count (or just being forced to fix it myself). We’re brainstorming ways to increase the number of Black stylists in the union because it makes such an impact.” In a follow-up tweet, she tagged the hairdresser in question, Cora Diggins.

Monique Coleman, who starred in High School Musical, made waves earlier this year when she told Insider that her character wore a headband for the majority of the movie since the hairdresser on set wasn’t educated in how to manage textured hair.

Mosley and Triplett have already worn a number of eye-catching hairstyles on iCarly, including Bantu knots and bubble ponytails, that would have been impossible to achieve if it hadn’t been for those advocating behind the scenes for an experienced Black professional to be one of the show’s leads hairstylists. This isn’t to say that there isn’t still a lot of work to be done in terms of improving behind-the-scenes representation and making it simpler for people of color to join the union, but it’s wonderful to see a project that has sparked so much excitement finally get it right.


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