In David Goyer’s Spotify podcast “Batman Unburied,” Winston Duke has been cast as Batman

In David Goyer's Spotify podcast "Batman Unburied

Winston Duke is on his way to Gotham City from Wakanda. The Black Panther actor will voice a character in Batman Unburied, a new Spotify podcast from screenwriter David S. Goyer, who also wrote The Dark Knight.

In David Goyer's Spotify podcast "Batman Unburied

Duke will play Bruce Wayne, while Jason Isaacs, who played Alfred in Harry Potter, will play Batman’s butler. There have been no additional casting announcements, but Spotify has revealed fresh story information about the podcast, which is touted as a psychological thriller that delves into the psyche of Bruce Wayne and includes dark turns and iconic Batman adversaries.

In David Goyer's Spotify podcast "Batman Unburied

Batman is in his own way of tracking Badass, he is a forensic pathologist working in the basement of Gotham Hospital, charged with investigating the bodies of The Harvester, a brutal serial murderer preying on Gotham’s citizens,” the logline reads. Not only will the superhero have to confront his own personal problems, but he’ll also have to overcome them in order to save the residents of Gotham as he alters ego Batman.”

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The podcast, which will chronicle the storyline across one season, does not yet have a publication date. A distribution schedule is also uncertain, including whether episodes would be released regularly or all at once. Batman Unburied is the first podcast to be released as part of a multi-year deal between DC and Spotify set to begin in 2020. Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Catwoman, Riddler, and Batgirl are among the DC characters slated to join the podcasting universe in the future.

Executive producers David Goyer, Keith Levine, and Gracie Wheelan of Phantom Four; executive producers Liz Gateley and Elena Blekhter of Spotify; executive producers Peter Girardi and Shaleen Desai of Blue Ribbon Content; physical production by Wolf at the Door; and director Alex Kemp are among the people behind Batman Unburied.


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