When Paul linked on a crisp left followed by a right hand, he began to get into a groove. The social media star landed a punch and then blistered Askren with a right fist, knocking the former MMA fighter to the ground face-first.Askren regained his footing after the obligatory eight count. Paul dashed in, but was sent back to the corner by the referee. Askren had a few more seconds to compose himself before continuing. The referee, much to Askren’s chagrin, waved the fight off, and Paul jumped up on the turnbuckle with a fireworks display. Askren stormed out of the ring, furious at the early stoppage.


Paul’s record now stands at 3-0, with three knockouts. But did Paul manage to silence the naysayers Paul would need to face a legitimate fighter, not someone who isn’t a qualified striker, if he wants to be taken seriously. You can see that he has some talents and that he is dedicated, but before he does that, the jury will be out on Paul.


Elina Raven is an author and content writer for maxblizz. Elina completed her graduation in MA Screen Production - Screenwriting and Documentary at the University Of the West Of England, Bristol.

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