Incredible Celebrity DNA Secrets Revealed!

Incredible Celebrity DNA Secrets Revealed!

Who doesn’t love a good celeb story? And when these stories involve shock DNA test results, even better! 

With the range of DNA testing services now available that offer insights into the lives of our distant relatives, ancestry, and ancient roots, more people, including celebs, are making the most of this testing to learn more about their family history.

Several celebrities recently revealed some of the fantastic secrets their DNA test has revealed, and we delve into these spectacular stories below!

Kate Middleton

According to the New England Historic Genealogy Society in Boston, Prince William’s wife Kate is the eighth cousin, eight times removed, of George Washington. Even more interestingly, her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, was George Washington’s eighth cousin, seven times removed.

Muhammed Ali

The slave Archer Alexander, famed for his courage, was Ali’s third great-grandfather. Alexander is immortalized in the Emancipation Memorial statue in Lincoln Park.

Ali also boasts a family tie to the astronomer Edmund Hubble, the designer of the famous telescope, who is a distant cousin.

Eva Longoria

This Hollywood star had always believed that her family’s roots were entirely Mexican-American until a DNA ancestry test proved that her ancestry is, in fact, Spanish.

The actress’s distant relative, Lorenzo Longoria, migrated west to the USA following a land dispute in the 16th century. More than a century later, the Longoria family was granted a gift of 4,000 acres of land in Texas from the King of Spain, and this is where the clan settled – and has remained ever since.

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Benedict Cumberbatch

The English movie star is famous for playing Sherlock in the hugely popular TV show of the same name – so you may be amazed to learn that the actor has a family connection with Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock books.

Both Conan Doyle and Cumberbatch can trace a direct line of descent back to John of Gaunt, the first Duke of Lancaster.

Snoop Dogg

About a decade ago, the rapper underwent a DNA test to explore his roots for the chat show Lopez Tonight. To the star’s surprise, the results showed that while his genetic ancestry is around 70% sub-Saharan African, the remainder is Native American and European.

Donald Trump

When it comes to shocking celebrity DNA results, this one’s a doozy! Everyone knows there was no love lost between the former president and his one-time rival Hilary Clinton, so imagine both parties’ dismay to discover they’re actually cousins!

Ok, they’re nineteenth cousins, but a relative’s a relative, after all. To trace the family connection, you need to go all the way back to 1396, when the pair’s eighteenth great-grandparents, the Duke and Duchess of Lancaster, married.

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Abraham Lincoln

Sticking with former US presidents for a second, Abraham Lincoln boasts a multitude of celeb connections! Tom Hanks is Lincoln’s third cousin, four times removed, while George Clooney is his first cousin, five times removed.

Other distant relatives of Abraham Lincoln include movie actor John Cena and actress Amy Adams.

Bob Marley

While the world-famous, Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Bob Marley’s mother was born in Jamaica after her family was bought over from Ghana as enslaved people, his father, Norval, was English and a captain of the Royal Marines.

Liv and Steven Tyler

The famous father and daughter duo recently participated in the genealogy show ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and were stunned by what they found out. It turns out that the pair have African American roots, and they have an ancestor named Robert Elliott. During the War of 1812, Elliott was a drummer boy – his own son, George, went on to be a drummer boy in the Civil War.

Amazingly, Steven Tyler started in the music business as – you guessed it – a drummer, suggesting that musicality runs in this family’s genes! 

Oprah Winfrey

The superstar talk-show host took a DNA test as part of her 2006 ‘African American Lives’ series and was shocked by what it revealed. While much of the star’s roots can be traced back to the African nations of Guinea and Liberia, Oprah was surprised to discover that 8% of her genetic makeup is native American.

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Oprah’s also spoken of how she’s distantly related to Elvis Presley!

Mario Lopez

The celeb news host recently was shocked to discover that he has a significant number of ancestors from the UK that are of Native American and Spanish heritage. The star has previously spoken of being a ‘child of immigrants’ but was stunned to find that his family’s roots spread so far.


The reality TV star has spoken previously of how she was adopted as a child from Chilean parents, but she was in for a shock when she received the results of a recent DNA test.

The test revealed that the celeb has a highly mixed genetic background: she has Asian, Middle Eastern Jewish, and Romani in her ancestral mix.

Ancestry DNA tests aren’t just for celebs – at-home testing kits make them an accessible and affordable option for everyone. Why not find out more regarding your own history and ancestral roots: like the stars above, you may just be in for a surprise!

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