‘Iron Man’ Will Return In Black Widow, Will Be Cameo Appearance In A major Part.

Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) will make a cameo appearance in BlackWidow film.


The part of the journey ends both Blackwidow and tony stark (ironman) have died in Avengers Endgame. now in the upcoming film, Blackwidow (iron man) is playing a cameo appearance in an important scene.


The film runs between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, and will reportedly feature a storyline in which Stark defies Natasha around her past.


Recent Sources were reported Downey JR will be playing a major point of role to defeat the taskmaster and his red room assassins. We Love You 3000,

Black Widow Release date : 9 July 2021

Lets cheers with a iron man 2 scene watch here


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