Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori Cant Stand Eachother

In an interview advertising UFC 263, former UFC middleweight champion and UFC commentator Michael Bisping tried to keep current UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori in check as they traded insults and profanities. In the midst of the chaos, Vettori said, “I don’t like you, dude.”Adesanya retorted, “I hate you.”On Saturday, clips from the interview were displayed during the broadcast of UFC Vegas 28. However, there wasn’t quite enough time – or a censor with a quick enough trigger finger – to accept over 11 minutes of invective, with Adesanya and Vettori almost shouting at each other at times.

Vettori has made it plain since that defeat that the prior result has only motivated him to do better. Five straight victories have earned him a championship shot, while Adesanya’s side claims that a second bout was only scheduled because the champion wanted to stay active.

Meanwhile, Adesanya is coming off a setback when his attempt to become a two-division champion failed when he was defeated by light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz in a decision at UFC 259. Vettori returns to 185 pounds for a chance to reclaim his supremacy, which was only shattered by his move to a higher class.


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