Israel Adesanya’s coach About Potential With Jon Jones

Izzy fighting Jon Jones hasn’t gone away. You could even say talks have intensified as the days have gone on with “Bones” going after Adesanya on social media.During a interview with Submission Radio, Adesanya’s head coach Eugene Bareman opened up about why he doesn’t value Jon Jones as an all-time great anymore.

“Once you cheat – Jon Jones is about as irrelevant as TJ Dillashaw. To me, they don’t exist. Is anything TJ Dillashaw did in the past relevant anymore now that he’s cheated? Nah. It’s no different for Jon Jones, so you can’t talk to me about Jon Jones. I have a particular opinion and that isn’t shared by the rest of the world so, at the moment, the greatest 205-er is Jan Blachowicz. There’s no one else. There’s no one else as great as him.”

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