“It Was Just Mixed Martial Arts” Says Conor McGregor Talks Ahead Of Dustin Poirier 3 Training

Conor McGregor Talks Ahead Of Dustin Poirier

In his upcoming UFC 264 trilogy fight, Conor McGregor held a Fan Q&A session recently via Instagram Live. He pointed out during the session that he would use many weapons, not only his boxing skills, at UFC 264.

Dustin Poirier credited his vast array of MMA abilities – in particular leg kicks (including calf kicks) and takedowns – for his victory over Conor McGregor following their game of UFC 257 earlier this year.Poirier stressed that they had been involved in a mixed arts struggle and not in a boxing match, which is why he blended his attacks and beat McGregor successfully.Although Poirier improved early in the boxing battle of UFC 257, the McGregor movement was seriously compromised as the struggle advanced. This was because Poirier tagged McGregor constantly with calf kicks instead of fighting a pure boxing battle.

Conor McGregor Talks Ahead Of Dustin Poirier

His right leg was significantly damaged in the two rounds, Conor McGregor’s lead leg. Eventually, Dustin Poirier felt the finish. Poirier caught up with a rather stationary McGregor on the fence, punched him down, and struck the winner through TKO in the second round.


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