J.J. Abrams and Angela Robinson are Making a DC Comics’ ‘Madame X’ for a new HBO Max series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot are teaming up with Angela Robinson to bring DC Comics‘ Madame X to HBO Max. Abrams specifically sought out Professor Marston and Wonder Women writer and director to steer the project, which she’s set to script and executive produce, with a strong possibility that she’ll also step behind the camera for at least a couple of episodes.


The filmmaker previously had an overall deal with Paramount TV, but she’s moved on to join Bad Robot’s rapidly expanding roster of DC properties in various stages of development for HBO Max and the big screen. Madame Xanadu first appeared in a comic book in 1978, and subsequent investigations into her origin story have identified her as Nimue, the younger sister of Morgaine Le Fay and Vivienne, the Lady of the Lake, directly linking her to Arthurian folklore. In an episode of the animated series Young Justice, the character made an appearance.



Elina Raven is an author and content writer for maxblizz. Elina completed her graduation in MA Screen Production - Screenwriting and Documentary at the University Of the West Of England, Bristol.


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