Jac Schaeffer ‘WandaVision’ creator signed a 3-year Deal With Marvel Studios

‘WandaVision’ creator Jac Schaeffer has signed a 3-year overall deal to develop TV projects for Marvel Studios and 20th Television

Jac Schaeffer’s work on WandaVision is the best outcome to the series, Marvel’s first TV series that was intimately related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, culminated in this arrangement. The series, which stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprising their film roles as Wanda and Vision, respectively, was a critical success straight away for Disney+ and is already in the running for Emmy nominations for limited series.


WandaVision was invented by Jac Schaeffer, who also acted as the showrunner and lead writer. She also helped write the narrative for Marvel’s next Black Widow film. She began her career as a writer/director/producer on the movie Timer in 2009, and she wrote the screenplays for Disney’s animated films Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in 2017 and The Hustle in 2019. Writ Large, Verve, and Paul Hastings are her agents.


Schaeffer was vague about a possible second season of WandaVision in a January interview with THR podcast TV’s Top 5. “It was always intended to feel like a comic run. It seems extremely complete in that manner. “It’s an emotional finish that I stand behind and am proud of,” she remarked. “The show’s finale seems appropriate for the tale we’re telling.” The will be another season for Wanda Vision is as already announced by marvel. hope there will be a happy ending for Wanda (Scarlett Witch).



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