James Gunn Suggests That Peacemaker Won’t Get a New Costume in the Spinoff Show

James Gunn, the creator of The Suicide Squad, recently revealed that John Cena’s costume will most likely not be upgraded in his upcoming Peacemaker spinoff series. Former WWE wrestler John Cena is set to make his superhero debut as the DC supervillain in Gunn’s The Suicide Squad this August. Cena’s Peacemaker, dubbed “the world’s biggest douchebag” by Gunn, is an anti-hero who believes in achieving peace at any cost, even if that means ruthlessly killing multiple people.

James Gunn Suggests That Peacemaker

John Cena has been photographed several times in his Peacemaker outfit in recent months, including donning it for interviews unconnected to either The Suicide Squad film or its spinoff series. Despite the fact that Idris Elba’s The Suicide Squad character Bloodsport describes Peacemaker’s appearance as “a guy who wears a toilet seat on his head,” Cena has clearly grown fond of his outfit and would likely fight any attempts by Gunn to modify it. The former wrestler even quipped that it was “made of an extremely comfortable cotton mix.” Its hues are muted avant-garde combined with an unassuming nouveau riche statement that shouts “which way to liberty beach?!


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