James Gunn Teases Several Post-Credits Scenes in ‘The Suicide Squad’

James Gunn Teases Several Post-Credits . In yet another fan conversation on Twitter, James Gunn shared another fun fact about The Suicide Squad.

The director often interacts with movie fans on Twitter, James Gunn Teases Several Post-Credits and his most recent revelation reveals that his forthcoming DC film will have more than one end-credit sequence. When a fan asked if The Suicide Squad would have “a” post-credit scene, Gunn responded with a not-so-cryptic “A?” When it comes to the highly awaited team-up film, it appears that we might have two, if not three, end-credit scenes on our hands.

James Gunn Teases Several Post-Credits

Gunn has had nothing but good news recently, as the director recently announced that The Suicide Squad will not need any reshoots. “We [The Suicide Squad’s crew] didn’t do a single pickup shot or any post-production shooting,” he admitted. That almost never occurs, if at all, on tentpole superhero films outside of Chris Nolan’s.” Check out the upcoming release date of DCEU movies


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