Jamie Dornan Talk About His hotel Quarantine In Australia & Sudden Death of His Father

Jamie Dornan Talk About His hotel Quarantine In Australia

Jamie Dornan’s four days of his hotel quarantine and his beloved dad’s death make the actor broken. Jamie was trapped in a hotel quarantine in Australia after his father, who inspired his performance in ‘Belfast,’ passed away due to Covid after going into hospital for a routine knee operation.

Jamie was unable to return to his native Northern Ireland when he met with a heartbreaking loss because he was stuck in Australia in March. Jamie Dornan well known for Fifty Shades Of Grey and The Fall, found himself caught in a nightmare situation in the global pandemic 2021.

Jamie Dornan Talk About His hotel Quarantine In Australia

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In an interview with TheSun.UK Jamie told: “It’s been a brutal time for lots of reasons and for lots of people. We’re all just trying to ride it out and come out the other side — and hope we’ve got our heads intact.”

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“I remember thinking it was a big thing in our house that he’d been around and done that and met Dad and stuff.”


Jamie: “I’ve been subjected, early on in my life and now, to a lot of pain and loss.”

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