Jamie Foxx Revealed That His Unreleased Directorial Debut ‘All-Star Weekend’ Remains Shelved, Robert Downey Jr. Is Also Part of the Film

Jamie Foxx Revealed That His Unreleased Directorial Debut ‘All-Star Weekend’ Remains Shelved

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx revealed that his unreleased directorial debut titled ‘All-Star Weekend’ remains shelved because it’s “been tough with the lay of the land when it comes to comedy.” Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. is also part of the film. He plays the role of a Mexican man.

All-Star Weekend plot follows “Malik and Danny are two truck drivers who are basketball fanatics and worship their respective favorite players, LeBron James and Stephen Curry. Danny’s girlfriend Abby is reconsidering the relationship as she does not want to take a back seat to his obsession. The two drivers finally get a break from their dead-end job when they win tickets to the NBA All-Star Game. En route to the big game, Malik and Danny meet the beautiful and mysterious Asia, who might have her own hidden agenda. After many twists and turns, the guys find themselves and their heroes in a precarious life-or-death situation.”

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Speaking to CinemaBlend, Jamie Foxx told about his unreleased directorial debut ‘All-Star Weekend’ release date “It’s been tough with the lay of the land when it comes to comedy,” he added “We’re trying to break open the sensitive corners where people go back to laughing again… We hope to keep them laughing and run them right into ‘All-Star Weekend’ because we were definitely going for it.”


The film stars Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Piven, Jessica Szohr, Eva Longoria, Robert Downey Jr., Ken Jeong, Gerard Butler, and Benicio del Toro.

Foxx defended casting Downey Jr. as a Mexican man in a 2017 interview with Joe Rogan (via New York Post), saying, “I called Robert, I said, ‘I need you to play a Mexican.’ I said, ‘Shit, you played the Black dude [in ‘Tropic Thunder’] and you killed that shit.’ We got to be able to do characters.”

Produced by Jamie Foxx, Avram “Butch” Kaplan, Chuck Pacheco, and Deon Taylor.

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